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Ayurveda simplified for anyone, anywhere - thats the mission for our tech platform. We help you build natural wellness by connecting you to certified Ayurveda experts and hand-holding you to adopt a customized diet, exercise, and ayurvedic supplements plan tailor-made for your body constitution and lifestyle.

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Shruthi Jayakumar, California

Anxiety & Insomnia Relief

"I had anxiety issues and trouble falling asleep. With timely Ayurvedic intervention with a comprehensive wellness plan, I made dietary and lifestyle changes which dramatically improved my sleep quality." 

I am truly convinced about the health benefits of Ayurveda thanks to Satva. It was very easy to set up remote appointments."

Suba Santhanam, Singapore

Parenting with Ayurveda

"My 2-year old daughter had blisters and boils on her hair and recurrent skin infections. Her height and weight was also less for her age. 

For natural options, I consulted Dr. Aruna Iyengar on Satva. Her holistic wellness plan included changes in diet, skin and hair care practices, massage therapies and Ayurvedic supplements. Within 3 months, all her issues were resolved.

Thanks to her and the Satva team, this was a great experience overall and I would highly recommend this."

Jayalakshmi S, India

Joint Pain Relief

"For 4 years I had persistent knee pain and could not bend my knees well. With 4 weeks of remote consultation on Satva, which involved diet shifts and Ayurvedic supplements, I can now comfortably sit crossed legged on the floor."